Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What comes with the mechanism and what size bed can I build?
A: The Create-A-Bed® murphy bed mechanism includes the gas spring / piston-lift mechanism and custom hardware, complete illustrated step-by-step construction books and an instructional DVD. The mechanisms are NOT all the same. You tell us which leg design you want to use - the Deluxe Tube Leg or the Standard Hinge Leg, what size (twin, full or queen) and style (vertical or horizontal) bed you want to build, and we send you the correct mechanism to build a murphy bed with that specific combination of leg design, size and style.

Q: How much will it cost to build my murphy bed?
A: We strongly recommend using veneered plywood to build your bed cabinet and solid wood for the inner wood bed frame. The wood and other materials you'll need to purchase are all available at your local home improvement store and will cost around $300 to $400 depending on the size bed you are building.

Q: How long will it take to build my bed and what tools will I need?
A: It takes the average person about 20 hours to build a murphy bed using basic tools that include a skill or circular saw, jigsaw, drill with drill and driver bits, and a tape measure.

Q: What kind of mattress do I use with my murphy bed?
A: This system is designed to use a standard innerspring mattress of up to 12 inches thick without a box spring. The correct weight range for your mattress is called out in your construction book.

Q: Can I order by mail or fax?
A: Yes, you can print either of the following forms and mail them or fax them to the address and fax number on the forms.
Standard Kit mail/fax order form
Deluxe Kit mail/fax order form