Deluxe Kit for Murphy Beds

Deluxe Kit
deluxe wallbed kit

Our deluxe kit with tube legs

The DELUXE tube-leg mechanism is used to build a murphy bed that utilizes a pair of metal tube legs. The tube legs are totally concealed inside the bed cabinet when it is closed and are manually rotated over the end of the bed face panel when it is lowered out of the cabinet.

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Our murphy bed mechanism comes with step-by-step printed construction instructions and an instructional DVD. The instruction books - and some of the mechanism components - are SPECIFIC to the size (Twin, Full or Queen) and style (Vertical or Horizontal) of the bed you specify when you order. The instruction books are also Specific to the type of wood you plan to use to build the murphy bed cabinet (Veneered Plywood of Plywood/Particleboard.)

What's Included with our deluxe kit with tube legs.
Wall Beds Murphy Bed

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Murphy Beds

Vertical Wallbed Mechanism (deluxe kit)
Twin $299.00 each [Add to Cart]
Full $299.00 each [Add to Cart]
Queen $299.00 each [Add to Cart]

wallbed Murphy Beds

Horizontal Wallbed Mechanism (deluxe kit)
Twin $299.00 each [Add to Cart]
Full $299.00 each [Add to Cart]
Queen $299.00 each [Add to Cart]

Light Kits
Add convenient reading lights to your murphy bed or a display light to your bookcase with one of our easy to install light kits. Complete step-by-step instructions are included. Choose the set of two bed lights that includes a touch dimmer/on-off switch, or add a light with a push button on-off switch to your bookcase. Click Here for more info.

Bed Light Kit
(Set of 2 lights)
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Bookcase Light Kit
(One Light)
$39.00 each [Add to Cart]